Train crash leads to major delays at Leeds Station

Picture of Leeds Station time boards

Trains across the country have been cancelled or delayed due to a train collision between a brand new LNER Azuma and another LNER high-speed train.

The collision happened at Leeds depot in the early hours of the morning. The train was not in service.

No passengers were on board the time of the accident, so nobody was injured.

It has caused delays throughout the day, mainly in routes between Leeds and London Kings Cross, causing distress and frustration to passengers attempting to travel.

Peter White said: “It is annoying because as I say you have to contact colleagues or clients and give them the same old sob story and it doesn’t look professional.”

In a statement, LNER said: “We are experiencing some minor disruption to our train services today due to a low-speed derailment within the depot at Leeds.

“The trains were not in passenger service and no one has been injured.”

Laura Stewart, a frustrated passenger, said: “Pretty bad to be honest, I had to get in for 12:00. I feel like I won’t get in till about 1:00 now.”

As the day goes on it is expected that the disruption from the collision is supposed to calm down.

LNER has said: “Disruption is expected to continue until approximately 18:30pm.”

This incident comes on the same day that Northern Rail faces criticism that only 45.5% of trains arrive on time, according to the strategic body Transport for the North.

Barry White, the Chief Executive of Transport for the North, said: “We are extremely disappointed and concerned with the inadequate performance of Northern.”

“Both Transport for the North and the Department for Transport, through the Rail North Partnership, will be monitoring progress against the plan on a daily basis.”

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