Leeds drivers speed “out of habit”

A road sign saying 'Slow'Research has found that 38% of Leeds drivers break the limit due to a lack of attention.

Drivers in Leeds are twice as likely to be convicted for speeding than in London.

MoneySuperMarket has released data that shows 70% of drivers in Leeds admitted to speeding.

The reasons for speeding were “running late” as well as “a lack of attention paid to speed limits”.

Yorkshire has one of the highest conviction rates in the UK, with drivers being 10% more likely to be convicted than drivers in London and Northern Ireland.

Yorkshire has the highest conviction rate for speeding, with the most common time for speeding being on a Sunday morning.

Amy Lay, a PR representative for MoneySuperMarket, said: ” If you were to have a speeding conviction against your license that might increase your premiums so we were just highlighting the different areas in which speeding occurs.

“Leeds is quite high up the table and we don’t want people to speed, no one should speed in general.”

West Yorkshire police officer Mark Fox said: “In relations to speeding more people are being caught due to our proactive controls.

“I would expect more offences come to light because there are more road police officers out there.”

A spokesperson for Leeds City Council, Adrian Capon, said: “Leeds City Council is committed to providing a safe environment for those who travel on our roads.

“We work with partners such as the police to improve safety across the city, through enforcement, altering road environments and educating road users and the public.”

Speaking to motorists who have been caught speeding showed why people may go above the speed limit.

Christopher Biddulph, a driver caught speeding in Leeds last week, said: “I think it’s too difficult to fight. You don’t get to see the evidence and I don’t feel I have a choice in doing anything other than going along with what they say.”

Jakob Wall was also caught speeding last year. He said: “On most roads if you don’t speed you get beeped at and overtaken. I wanted to contest the ticket, but ultimately I pleaded guilty.”

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