Leeds marks the 20th anniversary of Transgender Remembrance Day

A photo of a gay pride event. With many gay pride flags.Today marks the 20th anniversary for Transgender Remembrance day.

Leeds LGBTQ+ community are coming together to remember victims of transphobia.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Transgender Remembrance day. A day were the LGBTQ+ community honour transgender people who have suffered anti-transgender violence.

City council with the transgender flag.
Leeds City Council show their support with the waving of the transgender flag.

Throughout the day in Leeds various charities and organisations have set up events, from a vigil in Leeds General Infirmary to a pop up exhibition held in Great George Street.

The sign for the Leeds General Infirmary
The vigil of remembrance will take place tonight inside the chapel at Leeds General Infirmary

Leo from the community organisation Non-Binary spoke about the importance of the day:  “Trans day of remembrance is a chance to mourn but it’s also a chance to confront our own privilege and think about what we’re doing to support the most vulnerable people in our own communities.” He added: “A lot of us hold grief in our hearts that today gives us the opportunity to address.”

Park Square in Leeds where a vigil will take place tonight.
Another vigil is taken place tonight in Park Square.

Transgender remembrance day is not only a day to mourn the loss of members of the transgender community but also to focus on the violence they face everyday.

Rainbow Alliance founding member Kate Ward spoke more on this: “The continued violence experienced by this community worldwide is harrowing and we must observe this poignant day to reflect and remember this”.

3 different photos, all showing the gay pride flag.
Leeds is showing its support towards the LGBT+ community.

Kate expressed how people could help the end to violence towards transgender people. “We all need to take a stand against the transphobia-based violence which our trans and gender-diverse communities are subjected to every day and make the world a safer place for them to live their lives.”

The LGBT bridge at Brirggate that has a rainbow flag across it.
George Clarke Briggate is known as the LGBT+ quarter of Leeds.

Transgender remembrance day will end with a candle lit vigil in Park Square this evening Along with a gathering at Wharf Chambers after.

All members of the LGBTQ+ community as well as allies and others who wish to join are more than welcome to attend this evenings service.

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