Leeds Now live updates: Wednesday 20th November

Live reports from Leeds Now journalists and other updates on current affairs.

10:23 am – New report by MoneySuperMarket about drivers in Leeds.

Live update from @karamckunenews surrounding the rates of speeding convictions in Leeds.

10:43 am – Concern over fire safety in university accommodations

On the ground, Molly and Georgia are covering fire safety in student accommodation here in Leeds, after a recent blaze at accommodation in Bolton.

Updates to follow.

11:00 am – Leeds City Council report highlights effect of Brexit uncertainty

A new report by Leeds City Council suggests that businesses in Leeds are worried that the uncertainty that surrounds Brexit has resulted in a fall in business investment and could potentially increase a stockpiling of goods.

11:15 am – Conservative party face criticism over twitter re-branding

The Conservative Party has been accused of misleading the public during last nights election debate on ITV by renaming their official Twitter account to ‘factcheckUK’.

11:30 am – World Children’s Day celebrates 30th anniversary

Today marks the 30th anniversary of UNICEF’S global day of action for children. The day highlights the need for constant campaigning on children’s right globally.

11:50 am – Research shows Leeds’ relaxed attitude to speeding.

Our reporter Gemma on drivers’ attitudes to speeding in Leeds. Have you ever been caught speeding?

12:05 pm – Predator exposure groups here in Leeds.

Reporters Olly and Sam are out in Leeds today asking residents about their thoughts on the issue.

12:20 – Our court reporters spend the morning at Leeds Crown Court.

Our court reporters Louise, Gaby and Molly are currently covering a sentencing from this morning.

12:45 pm – School funding cuts lead to protest

Teachers part of the National Education Union protested this morning at the threat funding cuts could have to their school.

13:00 pm – Update on fire procedures in uni accommodation buildings

Molly and Georgia have spent the morning investigating whether or not fire safety regulation is up to scratch in uni accommodations around Leeds City centre.

13:15 pm – Police officer comments of speeding trend in Leeds

Kara continues to investigate the fact that 38% of Leeds drivers break the speed limit.

13:30 pm – Former Leeds crime boss has quarter of a million pounds confiscated.

A former Leeds crime boss has had £250,000 confiscated by authorities after almost a decade since his conviction for a number of serious robberies.

13:45 pm – Molly are Georgia’s coverage of uni accommodation fire regulation.

Leeds Now journalist Georgia Spence are back in the newsroom and is tweeting about her upcoming story with Molly Capel:

14:04 pm– CCTV appeal from West Yorkshire Police

Police have issued an image of a man they would like to get in contact with in connection with an assault in the Harehills are of Leeds.

14:20 pm – Update from Gemma.

More statistics about how drivers break the speed limit in Leeds.

14:35 pm – Newsday is in full swing.

Everyone is back from interviewing, recording and gathering sources. Everyone is now busy putting their stories together.

14:45 pm – Transgender remembrance day

George and Emilia are covering the 20th anniversary of Transgender Remembrance Day which has been recognised as a day for remembering those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia.

15:00 pm – Heading towards the end of a productive fourth newsday.

15:07 pm – Christmas has arrived in Leeds.

The Merrion Centre has now opened it’s own Santa’s Grotto. Santa? In Leeds?

15:15 pm – More from our Leeds Now reporters.

15:30 pm – Love Theatre Day highlights the benefits performances can have.

Love Theatre Day shows that performances can be made more accessible for audience members with different needs.

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