Road Safety Week workshops being held in Leeds

Three people crossing the road despite the pedestrian crossing light being red.

The workshops aimed at the “next generation of young drivers” will be running for the whole week in West Yorkshire.

Road Safety Week is an annual event organised by the charity ‘Brake’ to raise awareness about road safety across the UK. 

Leeds City Council £20 million Headrow Road development aims to decrease traffic accidents at the City Centre.

The new reforms will increase the number of pedestrianised streets and will widen footpaths.

But a 2018 analysis of traffic accidents showed the roundabout between Otley Road and Ring Road West is the most dangerous area in Leeds for cyclists – eight accidents in the last two years.

Leeds driver, Kathryn Bailey, thinks more needs to be done: “some of the lanes could be made a bit clearer […] as well, I can’t see the signs due to build up of cars and lots of students walking”.

“There seems to be more reckless drivers the closer to the city centre you get, not really sure what the reason for that is, probably road rage from how busy it is.”

Leeds is the 12th highest city in the UK for the number of road fatalities – 3.2 per 100,000 people in 2018 a Crown Oil study said.

This years’ Road Safety Week theme is ‘Step up for Safe Streets’. They’ll be running webinars and workshops across the UK for the whole week to raise awareness for anyone willing to learn.

Yorkshire and the Humber Health Registrar, Andy Irvine, attended a roadshow today and thinks these are “powerful stories for the next generation of young drivers.”

Beep Beep! Day activity packs is one of the strategies Brake has created to introduce children to road safety.

Cheryl Yates said on Twitter: “second-year donating Brake’s Beep Beep! Day packs […] we started as a tribute to our son Jackson who was tragically killed when he was hit by a car.”

Although the number of road fatalities has decreased in the UK at an increasing rate, 1,793 people died in road accidents last year, an official study from the government found.

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