Students succeed in their campaign as Prince Andrew resigns as Chancellor

huddersfield universityHuddersfield University students had been campaigning for Prince Andrew to resign as Chancellor, because of his relations with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Huddersfield University has announced that Prince Andrew has stepped down as Chancellor.

Huddersfield students had been campaigning for the Duke of York to quit as the chancellor of their University. 

On Monday, the student jury unanimously passed a motion to lobby Prince Andrew to resign from his post due to the scandal of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Until now, the University had been in support of Prince Andrew continuing in his position as their chancellor.

Alice Hayden, a second-year Business student, said: “He’s not well respected at the minute and he’s not a trustworthy man, so I don’t think he should represent the university.”

Poster complaining about Prince Andrew being the Chancellor of Huddersfield University
Laura Boldison Students shared their outrage by putting posters around the university.

Students have been using the hashtag #NotMychancellor as part of the campaign.

‘Huge slap in the face’

Joe Devereux, a second-year Economics student, said: “Such a high position as chancellor at the university should be held by someone students can respect and look up to, the fact that the university has kept him on as chancellor because of his innovative ideas is a huge slap in the face to students.”

Prince Andrew has been the Chancellor of the University since 2015. He has been forced to step back from more than 200 charity patronages.

What is a University Chancellor?

A Chancellor is a prominent ambassador of a university.

They are not involved in day-to-day activities however play a key role in the business of the institution.  

The Duke has announced he is stepping back from Royal duties for a period of time and has, therefore, stepped down as Chancellor.

He has informed the University that “he continues to unequivocally condemn Jeffery Epstein’s activities and regrets his ill-judged association with him.”

The process of appointing a new Chancellor will be initiated at the University Council meeting on the 27 November.

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