Organisations in Leeds working to feed the homeless

The Yorkshire Wrap CompanyYorkshire Wrap Company started their 'Pending' scheme in 2017.

Pay it forward scheme to help the homeless has been a major success for local business.

The Yorkshire Wrap Company in Kirkgate Market run a scheme called ‘Pending’.

It allows you to pay on a drink or meal when ordering your own. Paying forward allows people who don’t have the money to pay, to receive something from the ‘Pending’ menu.

The programme began in 2017 and has since been a massive success. 

The pending coffee list
Molly Hartley Yorkshire Wrap Company need more people to pay meals forward.

Micheal Pratt, the founder of the Yorkshire Wrap Company, created the scheme that allows customers to spend an extra £1 to give a drink or spend £3 to give a meal to a person in need. 

Pratt started it after working on the Real Change Street Movement on City Square every Sunday evening, where he would help feed the homeless. He said that he “never realised how bad the homeless situation was” until then. Soon after, he made the decision to start the project “try and do a little bit to help”.

Real Change Street Kitchen has been feeding people in Leeds City Centre on a Sunday evening since April 2016.

They also have an outreach team that finds those living in doorways and under shelters. They take hot food/drinks and pack lunches to the homeless to make life that little bit easier through the night. 

Also helping the homeless in Leeds is the Community Kitchen.

Their motto is ‘People helping people’.

The Community Kitchen is open on Saturdays from 12.00 to 2.00 pm for people in need. They receive a three-course meal which usually consists of soup, a main course and dessert along with tea, coffee and fruit juices. All for free.

Feed Leeds Homeless Project is another a non-profit organisation, that goes around Leeds City Centre handing out food, beverages, clothing, and toiletries. All in the aim of making homeless people’s lives that little bit easier.

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