Homeless man helped by online Leeds community

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An “overwhelming and heartwarming response” has helped a young homeless man after a Facebook cry for help.

Mark, from Hungary has lived on the streets of Leeds since he was 18.

Mark, 25, was recently treated for pneumonia at Leeds General Infirmary. While he was there his tent and belongings in Burley Park were vandalised and destroyed.

Mr Danny Silk saw what had happened to Mark, his friend turned to the Facebook community group leedsplace to ask for help.

facebook post
Danny Silk – leedsplace Mr Silk’s post on Facebook where hundreds of people responded.

Within 20 minutes, volunteers from Homeless Street Angels had provided Mark with a new tent, warm clothes and hot food.

Mr Silk, owner and founder of the LGBT+ Sport Fringe Festival, has been friends with Mark for while. He often stops by his tent when he walks his dog in the morning.

Mr Silk said: “I didn’t know much about the charities available to help homeless people, only St George’s Crypt, and he didn’t want to go there, because of his experiences with bullies and intimidation.”

an image of the st george's crypt logo
Rebecca Tee St. George’s Crypt is a homeless charity in Leeds.

St George’s Crypt have not responded to this comment.

Local businesses in Burley, have raised enough money to help find Mark and temporary place to call home in Bradford. Mr Silk said: “HQ Hairdressers have paid for Mark to get his passport renewed so that he can begin the process of claiming benefits.”

Mark was banished from his home in Hungary by his mother when he revealed to her he was homosexual.

“The support has been really touching and surprising, I didn’t expect it at all,” Mr Silk added.

Mr Silk is still accepting donations to help Mark in the next steps of his life. Any donations of food and warm clothing would be gladly accepted at 266A Burley Road, LS4 2NY.

Any unneeded donations will be passed onto the Homeless Street Angels to help other vulnerable people.

an image of the homeless street angels
Ellie Dawson Street Angels are a homeless charity in Leeds.

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