Are local MPs mentioning their constituency enough?

Voting count at the BBC Leeds

Data gathered by Leeds Now suggests that voters do not care how many times their local MP mentions their constituency.

The data found that although an MP may have had a majority vote of over 20,000 that does not mean they mention their constituencies as much as those with a lower majority.

Take for example, Paul Blomfield, the MP for Sheffield Central, who had a majority of 27,748 but had mentioned his constituencies only 31 times in parliament. He was re-elected for his seat in parliament even though he had only mentioned Sheffield 31 times.

Craig Whittaker is the local MP for Calder Valley, he won by a majority of 609 in 2017.

He was also a public whip for the conservative party, resulting in him only mention his constituency two times.

He said: “I was a Government Whip prior to the election. Whips are not allowed to speak in the Chamber.”

Even though he had only discussed Calder Valley twice he was elected again, with an increased majority of 5,774.

Andrea Jenkyns is the Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood, she was re-elected with a majority of 2,104. Ms Jenkyns mentioned her constituency only four times, but she said this did not reflect all the work she did.

“This doesn’t include the many occasions in which I have named individual residents, local charities, community groups, schools, the local NHS and businesses to praise their work or raise their concerns with the Government.”

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