Election 2019: Was your seat safe?

Friday 13th had many people wondering: how much their vote actually counted?

The phrase tactical voting was thrown around a lot, as people decided to vote for what would keep a constituency out or in even if that meant a tactical vote for an opposing party.

Turnout rate is the amount of people who can vote that came to a polling station and did. The percentage has gone down since the previous two years, leading us to think the results could have been very different if the turnout rate was higher in some places.

Take the Hemsworth constituency for example, the voting turnout was only 59.6% if the other 40.4% voted the result could have been very different as there was only a 2.7% majority from Labour over the Conservatives.

It was anyone’s game but it was clear that the predictions were on the whole right.

10 constituencies changed, two of which were not predicted.

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