Rise in female MPs within Yorkshire and Humber

A photo of the houses of parliament

Yorkshire and Humber have more female MPs since last week’s election.

The number within Labour has remained the same as it was prior to the election, at 54%, but the amount of Conservative women has risen from 6% to 15%.

There were a total of 21 female Yorkshire MPs and 33 male before the election. There were 16 male Labour MPs and 16 male Conservative MPs. For females on the other hand, it came to 19 Labour and one Conservative MP.

Re-elected Rotherham Labour MP, Sarah Champion, said: “I’m proud we have over 50% women in this parliament, but very disappointed the other parties have notably less.”

In Yorkshire the number of women has further increased since the early 2000’s, as many of the current female MPs gained their seat between 2005 and 2015.

Ms Champion said: “The reason for our gender balance is because we actively make it happen. 

“I know some people are not in favour of All Women Shortlists or targets, but it is the only way to make realistic change. 

“Diversity in Parliament enables us to get the best legislation as it allows us to have a broad range of views represented.”

The House of Commons currently has a new high of 211 women, setting the male/female split at 68%/32%.

Ms Champion hopes this trend will continue: “This benefits the country and so the other parties need to start acting to address their notable shortfalls.”

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