The MPs in Yorkshire talking about climate change

A picture of Drax powerstation with it's chimneys releasing large amounts of smoke into the sky.

Yorkshire MPs mentioned the phrase ‘climate change’ 122 times when in parliament this year, data collected by Leeds Now has shown.

The MP who discussed the issue most in Parliament failed to hold their seat in last week’s election.

Mary Creagh, the Labour politician who represented Wakefield between 2005 and 2019, mentioned climate change 19 times, making her the Yorkshire MP who discussed the issue most.

However, she lost her seat to Conservative candidate Imran Nasir Ahmad-Khan, after holding it for 14 years.

Out of the five MPs who mentioned it the most, only one of them was a Conservative party member. The four remaining MPs were Labour party politicians.

Out of the 54 MPs representing constituencies here in Yorkshire, 25 of them didn’t mention the words ‘climate change’ at all.

Ed Carlisle, the Green Party candidate who ran for Leeds Central in last week’s election, explains that to get MPs to talk about climate change more the public need to start showing more interest.

“We need to massively accelerate our actions on climate change and change the mindset of not only MPs but the population too,” he said.

“It doesn’t surprise me that so many MPs aren’t talking about climate change as its not a priority for many people. They only respond to what their constituents are talking about.

“Democracy does work but only if you want it to.”

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