The top seven most connected executives in the FTSE 100 companies all women, according to our exclusive data.

This graph shows the 7 most power business people in the FTSE 100.

According to research conducted by LeedsNow, women have topped the list of most connected executives in the FTSE 100. Almost half of the top executives are female. 

Angie Risley is the most well connected FTSE 100 business-woman, according to our data. She holds director positions in Smith & Nephew, Aviva, Biffa and J Sainsbury, as well as being the HR director to Lloyds TSB Group for six years and to Whitbread for 17 years. Ms Risley was educated at the University of Exeter. 

Image displaying how the top seven most connected women are connected to FTSE 100 companies.
Graph by: Thomas Mangham, Harry McCann and Philip Daniels.

Risley’s fellow top seven most connected FTSE 100 business-people include Jo Harlow, Rakhi (Parekh) Goss-Custard, Laura Katharine Wade-Gery, Deanna Oppenheimer, Claudia Arney and Coline Lucille McConville. 

Our exclusive dataset was compiled by LeedsNow journalists who assigned points to each FTSE 100 company board member, assigning five points per FTSE 100 company they are on the board for, three points per FTSE 250 company, and one point per smaller relevant company. 

Our data also found that four of our top seven business-people are directors in the financial services company 3i. 

In 2018, the third and fifth most well-connected business-women on our list, the American businesswomen, Rakhi Goss-Custard and Deanna Oppenheimer, came under fire from for having “too many jobs”.

The article uses the term ‘Golden Skirts’, referring to the Norwegian law from the 2000s to increase the number of women on the boards of companies to 40%.

Our list comes three years after the Davies review recommended that the FTSE 350 board should be a third female by the end of 2020, giving major companies only another year to meet this standard.

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