Stories from the city: Joe

Diversity and culture in Leeds are why this resident loves his city

by Eliza Laben

Born in Otley, Joe Butler-Trewin has lived in Leeds since birth. Now aged 24 he has moved to Burley to a attend university. After spending the last few years working on campaigns for the Labour party he has spent a lot of time in the city, attending different events and tells me why he loves it so much.

“I love Leeds because it’s full of diverse culture, really interesting venues, museums, bars, restaurants. Outside of London, I think it’s the best city in the country, there’s so much to do here and not enough people visit.”

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Joe Butler-Trewin was born and raised in Otley, Leeds.

Butler-Trewin now studies Public Relations at university in Leeds, taking his experience from the Labour party and applying it to a new challenge. His second passion, he tells me, is music. “My favourite thing in Leeds would have to be the Belgrave music hall, the gigs are amazing, the food is amazing and it’s just really vibrant.”

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He is passionate about the music and events that take place in Leeds.

“If I could change one thing about Leeds, I would want a bigger events space, something like the Manchester arena. We have the O2 and first direct but nothing big enough to draw the really big bands in, so you have to go to Manchester or Birmingham to see them.”

Between Otley and the city centre, Butler-Trewin has fallen in love with the city of Leeds and the people that reside here, and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

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