Stories from the city: Jordan

A picture of a Leeds resident, Jordan.

A born and bred Leeds resident has spent his whole life loving the wonders of the city.

By Ellie Dawson

Jordan, 20, from Leeds, has lived in the city his whole life, and some of his favourite things about the city are that its easy to get to, its friendly and he’s made a lot of new friends, and loves the shopping.

Currently studying TV and film, Jordan is making a film on suicide awareness. Which Jordan says is based on a true story, “my friend took his own life last year, so the film will be based on his story.”

Jordan, a resident from Leeds.
Jordan has lived in the city his whole life and still wouldn’t change much about it.

The city has got a lot busier since Jordan was younger, the Trinity arrived, and he says that it is the “best thing” about the city.

“Shopping in the city centre was a big part of my childhood, I came into Leeds centre a lot with my parents, and I still love coming shopping now.

Although there are a lot of empty shops, independent businesses face high costs and if they didn’t have it so tough maybe we would have more sticking around.”

Clearly Jordan is a big fan of Leeds, the only thing he would change is the struggle that independent shops face today, which I’m sure everyone would agree with.

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