New podcast studio opens at 34 Boar Lane

Kinrise Studio at 34 Boar Lane

Sable Radio’s new podcast studio is making use of a creative space in Leeds City Centre

Sable Radio has taken initiative from a number of successful online radio stations and has worked with Kinrise, the company that owns the 34 Boar Lane workspace in the centre of Leeds, to bring a new workspace where content creators can work freely.

Entering the podcast studio, it isn’t hard to get an idea of what Sable Radio are trying to create. The studio is small, but full of life. Professional equipment is neatly set up in the workspace which provides everything necessary to create a podcast, and once the doors are shut it provides an excellent area where anyone can produce what they desire.

Baille Ali, founder of Sable radio, is excited about the new opportunities the studio can bring.

Baille at work in the studio

“We are looking to use the space as a big source of income. I always thought of podcasts as being quite barber shop style, but we get all sorts of people coming in. There’s a bigger market that I wasn’t really aware of, for example when we did the opening, we had people coming in here from China who wanted to do a podcast on exporting metal so you can really get an idea of the variety available.”

Most online radio stations and podcasts are volunteer led, but Sable Radio wants to change that. They have a number of staff working freelance, including sound engineers and photographers, and their aim is to have an online radio where at least one member is on a payroll, and opening a podcast studio seems to be the way forward.

“You get the income from renting the studio but then we thought what more can we offer? For example, we could help with editing, distribution or publishing. We have 3 microphones, a camera and an engineer if necessary, so that anyone can come in and record a podcast.”

The studio has all the necessary technology ready to go

Podcasts are an area of radio that is growing rapidly, and studios are having to adapt all the time to keep up with the growth. Sable radio is a company run by people who know the ins and outs of online radio and coming up to their one-year anniversary, their new podcast studio is looking to be a huge addition to their business.

34 Boar Lane is a workspace in the heart of Leeds that offers a modern working environment for all  that use it. The ground floor is used specifically as a creative space and is where the new podcast studio is located.

The workspace is fresh and clean, and the friendly staff really encompass the eccentric atmosphere. It is clear that this is not a normal workspace, but rather somewhere that creative minds can come and work in an atmosphere that suits them.

Grace Ellerby is the community manager of 34 Boar Lane and told us about the unique workspace.

“The ground floor is both a co-working office and an events space. The communal area provides a space for people to socialise and co-work with each other, as well as being a space for the wider community of Leeds to host events. We are particularly passionate about providing people from creative industries with a space in the city centre.”

Grace spoke highly about the new partnership with Sable Radio.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Sable Radio on our podcast studio. The studio gives building residents, local projects and local companies the platform to create and broadcast their own podcast content. At its heart is a desire to promote creativity and to link creative groups with the business community.”

The new podcast studio is set to launch fully in the coming weeks and is available to use for any kind of podcast. It has been made clear that this is a studio for everyone, not just industry experts, and this new addition to 34 Boar Lane is set to elevate Sable Radio up the business ladder and help them continue to establish themselves among the online radio scene.

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