Coronavirus: the measures people are taking to keep fit.

A sunny view of Hyde ParkHyde park was a popular destination for students in Leeds on Sunday.

Prime Minister urges people to stay indoors after flocking to parks and green spaces on Sunday.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a statement yesterday evening encouraging people not to go against government advice, asking them and stay indoors and socially distance themselves.

On Thursday Mr Johnson announced that all pubs, clubs and restaurants were to close and that social gatherings should be limited to the essentials. Since then parks and green spaces, both in Leeds and across the country, have been visited by those wishing to get some sun while they can.

This resulted in the Prime Minister delivering a statement on Sunday afternoon regarding the increase of people visiting, and in some cases crowding, public spaces.

In the statement Mr Johnson says: “the reason we are taking these unprecedented steps is of course that we have to slow the spread of the disease and to save thousands of lives”.

“We now have to take special steps to protect the particularly vulnerable” he continues.

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, also stated that it is “incredibly unfair to socialise” at this current time.

But people have been using spaces to exercise as well as socialise, with running and games of football popular among those visiting these spaces.

But with the shutdown of gyms and leisure centres across the country, how else could people get the exercise thy need?

Many people have taken to social media to get their exercising fix, with personal trainers and yoga instructors posting videos of exercise routines for people to follow along with from home.

Click the link below to hear form yoga instructor, Jamie Boder, about how he’s been keeping his classes running, as well as the most recent advice from Boris Johnson.

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