Hyde Park Book Club offers free meals to hospitality staff

Hyde Park Book Club, Headingly.

On Friday 20th March 2020 Hyde Park Book Club offered free meals to any bar, restaurant or hospitality worker who had been laid off due to coronavirus a free meal.

The café, which is located in Headingly Leeds, provided 50 meals to hospitality staff. The meal included a curry, brownie and a free beer.

Hyde Park Book Club said how “Its a hard time for everyone at the moment, but especially for those who work in hospitality and have lost there jobs”. There main goal for Friday night was just to help people who needed it most. “Where not a big business but we have some resources and we wanted to use these resources for the better” 

With the new government guidelines stating people should follow the 2-meter rule caused some people issued there concerns around going out to collect the meal.

 Another Instagram user said “How yall coping with giving away free food when other restaurants are barely staying open for paying customers”

In response to these issues Hyde Park Book Club organised time slots to enable people to come to the café with a Tupperware box at a time which suited them to ensure the night went ahead safely. 

Hyde park Book Club also said how “We’ll have tables inside spread apart and in the basement, again spread apart and some outside” This enabled people to get a free meal without sitting In the café.

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