Leeds food banks struggle following COVID-19 outbreak

People are rushing around, packing different items of food into boxes.Food Bank centre

Food banks across Leeds have experienced a radical decline in donations and volunteers.

The recent emergence of Coronavirus has impacted a number of aspects of society and has altered many people’s day to day lives.

One group that have been hit with the full force of COVID-19 are food banks.

Across Leeds, food banks have closed or have been forced to ration supplies due to fewer donations, along with many self-isolating.

One of the largest is the Leeds South and East food bank which was established in 2013.

A number of the banks across Leeds have closed due to limited supplies and concerns over the health of elderly volunteers.

They currently only have “5 weeks worth of supplies”, meaning that food is having to be rationed.

COVID-19 Food banks impacted in Leeds.

Despite growing concerns over the support food banks in Leeds will be able to supply over the coming weeks, many are doing the most that they can.

Lyndon Wallace who works with the Give or Take food bank at Leeds Beckett University said the following on what they want to achieve.

“We intend on keeping our ‘Give or Take’ food bank open for as long as possible. Under the current circumstances, any student that has had to stay in Leeds due to having at risk family needs support.

“It’s an unprecedented time and we have developed a solution quickly to help these students that are in need.”

“As long as the building is open then we will be offering the service on an appointment or drop off basis.”

“This may evolve into home deliveries or drop offs depending on how the government chooses to act next.”

At this time it is crucial that the public does not panic.

Whilst your own safety is essential, please think about others that may be less fortunate.

If you would like to make any donations to the Leeds South and East food bank, please visit their website: leedssouthandeastfoodbank.org.uk

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