Panic buying isn’t just affecting shops – but staff too.

The current pandemic is taking it’s toll on both shops and staff as panic buying hits.

Empty shelves in supermarkets are becoming more of a common sight since the World Health Organisation announced that COVID-19 was now a world-wide pandemic. With Italy now on lockdown, and many countries following suit, many Britons have decided to stockpile essentials, in case Britain does the same.

Many supermarkets, such as Morrisons, have implemented a 2 items per person policy, meaning that you can only buy two of the same products, hoping that this will ease the stockpiling a little bit. Elderly people, NHS workers and the shop workers have all been struggling to get their usual weekly shops recently as panic buying has had a boom from the public. 

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock has branded the public as ‘selfish’ as he condemned them for not following the Government’s advice for social distancing, and this only backs this up. 

With panic buying suddenly hitting supermarkets, many shop workers have faced the harshness of the public, and I’ve been to find out how the panic buying is affecting both shops and staff. 

“I work on the pizza and salad bar, that’s closing because of health restrictions, so therefore I’ll have to move onto the shop floor to help staff with the stacking of the shelves. It is taking its toll on some of the staff with the long hours and verbal abuse of the customers. We’re trying our best to fill the shelves but sometimes we don’t always get the delivery, so we have to wait for the delivery to come through.” One worker told me. 

A quick walk around the shop shows the empty shelves, and you can hear customers worrying about how they’ll get certain items. These are unprecedented times but working together, we’ll get through.

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Louise Hollingsworth
Student Journalist

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