Parent Taught PE Classes Launch Today

Ongoing home-school PE class in garden

PE Partner, a Leeds based organisation, are to begin rolling out one new home school PE idea for parents each day.

With the recent closure of UK schools many parents are unsure of ways to keep their kids engaged and learning throughout the day. In response, organisation PE Partner are launching a scheme today to tackle the boredom and lack of routine that comes with the current self-isolation crisis.

These idea’s range from a variety of fun and engaging activities and games many of which include objects commonly found around people’s homes such as pans, plastic cups and sieves.

Project organizer Nick Powell said, “It’s really important to keep kids active and we’re hoping that we can use this moment for parents to spend time with their kids. Hopefully we can show them that being active is a really fun part of learning.”

PE Partner have been working with schools and community partners for over nine years now, providing and engaging young children with plenty of schemes that work to keep them active.
Organisations such as Change 4 Life, Child Friendly Leeds and even Leeds Beckett University have worked with them to inspire people to be more active.

With parents across the UK experiencing these classes for the first time today, I spoke to a parent and social worker to hear her opinion, “I haven’t heard of home-school PE classes but I feel as though it’s a really good idea. It’ll keep kids stimulated and exercise more, especially in these worrying times because kids are going to be at home and more interested in technology.”

“So it is a very good idea to keep the morale up, as exercise gives you a lot of positive thinking.”

Since schools may be closed for a while now, fingers crossed that the introduction of this inspires other organisations to do the same so that kids are not left disadvantaged.  

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Gabby Mercer
Second year Journalism student reporting for Leeds Hacks.

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