Pharmacies struggle under coronavirus pressure

A photo showing a display of medical drugsPharmacy's are struggling to cope with the outbreak of coronavirus.

NHS pharmacies are facing pressure to keep up with prescriptions as people panic buy medicine.

Across the UK people are panic buying in fear that the Government will place the country into lockdown. From supermarkets being swept clean of toilets rolls and milk, to pharmacy running out of paracetamol and ibuprofen.

However, due to panic buying, it has lead to many vulnerable people struggling to get their medical prescriptions. With certain pharmacy even running out of critical medicine and not knowing when the next delivery will be, it has left many “at-risk people” in uncertain situations.

NHS Pharmacy dispenser Brogan Stew described how working in a pharmacy has been during the coronavirus outbreak.

“A lot worse than normal, the amount of people coming in has got really bad. People have gotten ruder, more demanding and a lot more work needs to be done.”

She also added her opinion on whether the NHS is getting enough support from the Government and the public during the current climate.

“There is in pharmacy, but in the hospital most likely not because there is a lot less people to each person. There isn’t enough at the minute”

A positive thing to come out from the coronavirus is how people are willing to help vulnerable people that are having to self-isolate to avoid contracting the virus.

Timothy Krautman volunteers to deliver prescriptions to those at risk or can not collect due to medical conditions. He also shared his opinion on whether more should be done to help those who are having to self-isolate.

“Difficult to know what more they can do, just trying to make sure people are alright when they’re at home on their own. It’s difficult-staying isolated when you want to talk to people but you can’t talk to people.”

With the Government giving new advice every day on how to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. It should encourage people to take on the advice and help support the NHS.

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