Possible lockdown to happen in the UK due to coronavirus pandemic

spanish psychology student on a video callSpanish students have been drastically affected by the compulsory lockdown

Some European countries face an extended period of self-isolation due to quarantining “lack of knowledge”

In the UK, MP’s are meeting today to debate if emergency legislation is needed to expand social distancing measures

Health secretary, Matt Hancock, said “more action” will possibly be taken to prevent the virus from spreading. 

This measures could be in the form of city lockdowns, compulsory self-isolation, restrictions on travelling and food rationing. 

There are now 5,683 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 281 related-deaths in the UK.

UK citizens and politicians are showing their disappointment with the government strategy on social media by using the hashtag #LockdownNow.

European countries –  Italy and Spain – have experienced almost two-weeks of compulsory self-isolation after deaths rise to 5,476 and 2,182 respectively.

On average, symptoms appear during the first 14 days but people’s “lack of knowledge” on how to quarantine has forced the Spanish government to extend the lockdown for another two weeks, said minister Irene Montero.

As a result, neighbours have created ingenious ways to fight boredom and loneliness as a community. 

“They are playing games like bingo from window to window, they are also painting rainbows and putting them on their windows […] they are playing music on the terraces. Everyone is showing a lot of ideas to fight loneliness” said María del Pino Guilabert, a psychology student from Madrid.

Also, a WhatsApp message urging people to show gratitude to everyone helping out in the pandemic – doctors, nurses, police officers – by giving an applause every day at 8pm went viral.

In order to stay safe, the World Health Organization advises people to: maintain social distancing, wash your hands, maintain respiratory hygiene and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

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