Schools have opened their doors to care for key-worker’s children

a picture showing an empty playground as schools closeAn empty playground as schools face closures today bar the children of key-workers.

Teachers have been told not to teach but to care.

By Molly Carr

The Government says children of key workers – including NHS staff, police and food distribution workers– are able to attend school while their parents help in the fight against coronavirus.

Government guidance listed the relevant occupations and said children with “at least one parent or carer” who is considered critical “can attend school if required”. The list also includes “vulnerable children”.

Liz Luckie, a primary school teacher says “I’ve been teaching for 30 years I’ve never been asked to ‘care’ I’ve always seen my role as an educator with some pastoral care. This is a whole new ballgame.

If it goes into lockdown I feel quite vulnerable being out and about but I have to weigh that up with the NHS staff that are putting their lives on the frontline.”

Some parents who have kept their children at home have turned to home schooling.

Gerldine Crowley, parent says “I’ve found it hard work because they haven’t got their own spaces to work in like they would at school. They aren’t taking much notice of me either because I’m not a teacher.” Home schooling teaching packs have been made online.

The impact school closures have had today.

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