“Increased demand” for charities in Leeds

A homeless man sitting by a wall.Inequality, including homelessness, has risen across the country.

Charities in Leeds say they are having to work harder to fill in the gap in social inequality left by a lack of government aid.

This comes after a report on inequality in the UK revealed that child poverty rates and homelessness have risen, while life expectancy rates for women in deprived areas have fallen.

Dominic Charkin, operations and community projects manager at not-for-profit organisation Zest, told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “We know there are more people living in an area that is classed as deprived from 2010 to now.

“On top of that, across Leeds, there are 75,000 people in work but in poverty.”

Mr Charkin added: “We have seen an increased demand for our services and talk to any other charity and they will say there is an increased demand.”

The report was originally conducted in 2010 by inequality expert Professor Sir Michael Marmot, and has been reviewed this year to track changes ten years on.

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Harry Douglas-Gratton
Harry is a final year journalism student at Leeds Beckett University.

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