Leeds to get remote controlled 5G tram connection

Trams could be returning to Leeds in 2033 as part of a West Yorkshire Combined Authority project.

The remote-controlled 5G trams are part of a wider mass transit system project.

Battery-powered trams “are likely to be the most viable option” according to a report on the market testing.

Additionally, despite overhead wires being “effective, proven technology” they wouldn’t be necessary on most routes.

Hydrogen-powered trams were looked at by experts involved in testing but a “really significant change” in government policy is required for this to be a realistic option.

The report continues: “Several technology and manufacturer contributors suggested that with 5G technology there is the opportunity over the next decade for the mass transit vehicle to be driven/controlled by a driver located in a control centre, rather than in a vehicle cab.”

A mass transit system aligns with the Prime Minister’s pledge to “remedy the scandal that Leeds should be the largest city in Western Europe without light rail or a metro”.

£4.2bn worth of investment has been promised for public transport plans nationwide with a “new metro or light rail” service in West Yorkshire.

Leeds has previously seen two similar tram-related plans fall in 2005 and 2016 respectively costing taxpayers more than £72m on the failed projects.

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