Coronavirus pandemic, how are people coping in lockdown.

Streets in Leeds deserted as the UK goes into Lockdown.

On Monday 23rd March 2020. Boris Johnson gave his first address to the Nation. He demanded that the United Kingdom goes into lockdown amid fears that if the government does not take action fast, the Virus will spread rapidly and kill many more people.

Before this measure, The Prime Minister advised people not to go out in big groups, to work from home if they can and avoid any none essential travel.

After the Prime Minister took the decision to close pubs, resaraunts and lesiure centres. It was only a matter of time until the United Kingdom went into lockdown. 

Under the new rules you can only leave home for:

  • Shopping for basic necessities 
  • One form of exercise a day
  • Any medical need / care for vulnerable people
  • Travelling to anf from work, only if absolutely necessary 

This is a challenging time for many people, people are having to find new ways to live thier lives under these unprecidented circumstances.

Kathryn Goodwin, who is self isolating with her family said:

“I have a very lively 7 and 4 year old, we love going outdoors and meeting up with our friends’

“For the past 7 days we have obviously been unable to do that but we are lucky enough to keep in contact with friends and family on facetime and Skype”

Since the announcement by the Prime Minister, there was been a huge spike in people wanting home deliveries.

Some super markets have had ques of up to 140,000 people waiting to do an online food shop.

Jennifer Moore, who falls into the high risk group of people told me:

“Luckily i have had people who have offered to help me out, if you  wanted a home delivery you would have to wait weeks, it is very difficult at the moment” 

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