Students face uncertainty amid Covid-19 exam cancellations

A large pile of GCSE revision books and notes.

GCSE and A-Level students across the country are coming to terms with the fact they will not be able to sit their final exams due to school closures caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

All schools and colleges across the UK were closed as of Monday, effectively cancelling the GCSE and A-Level exams of over 5 million students.

Now, after the government have announced that they will be working with teachers to give students their predicted grades, many are left with uncertainty surrounding what this will mean for them and their academic careers.

“I’m partially relieved,” Robyn, a 15-year-old GCSE student, told us, “but then I feel like all of the work I’ve done for the past five years has just been a waste.”

A pile of revision books and materials which are no longer needed.

Robyn had spent the past year revising for the 20 exams she would be taking this summer, giving her 9 GCSEs, but she now has to hope her teachers have given her high predicted grades so that she can get onto the college courses she wants to take.

A-Level student Niall has been revising 20 hours a week on top of his college work to keep on top of his studies and maintain his A grade average.

Niall is hoping to earn a place at Cambridge but he’s worried that, without exams, too many people will receive predicted grades higher than they would have actually achieved.

Earlier this week, the Universities Minister announced that there will be a two-week pause on unconditional university offers.

In support of this, Nicola Dandridge, the Office for Students chief executive has said: “These are extraordinarily difficult times however, it would be quite wrong for any university or college to respond to the coronavirus crisis by making unconditional offers that may put pressure on worried students to accept courses that may not be in their best long-term interests.”

While many in the nation are experiencing a higher level of stress than usual, at least for some students, exam stress is one less thing for them to worry about.

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