How is teaching during the global pandemic going to happen?

Showing the lack of pupils at primary schools.Brudenell Primary school in Hyde Park, Leeds lacking the usual mass of children playing outside.

Boris Johnson has closed schools, except for the children of key workers, forcing many children’s routines to be altered drastically.

Up until the 18th of March, the British government’s policy had been to keep schools open, to ensure that key NHS and front-line workers can remain in their positions.

But Boris Johnson announced on Friday the 20th of March that the government are not forced to change this policy due to the rate of Covid-19 infections increasing faster than anticipated.

This is a measure taken to slow the spread of the virus. But by the time the announcement was made, many schools had already been forced to close because of staff shortages due to illness or self-isolation measures.

Michelle Barringham, a primary school teacher from Northamptonshire expresses her views about how it feels to be a teacher during COVID-19.

“We are trying to keep the 2-metre distance with each other, for the children and the adults, but when you have 4-6 year old’s together, they are used to being close to each other and with the teacher in close proximity’s”

According to the Office of National Statistics: “Of the 32.6 million in employment, around 1.7 million people reported working mainly from home, with around 4.0 million working from home in the week prior to being interviewed.”

Statistics showing how many people are now working from home in the UK.

Many people think children are off school now for summer, the weather is nice and you can work from home in the sun. This is not the case. Parents are now having to teach their children whilst also working themselves.

“I will never say anything bad about teachers again!”

Richard Andrews, a father to an 11-year-old who is now working from home, whilst self-teaching his child explains;

“They certainly don’t do maths like I used to do in school, it’s a learning curve for me as well.

Very little is known about what we can expect to happen in the coming months, but we have just got to hold tight and look out for each other during this time.

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