Leeds Now live updates: Thursday 26th March

Our routine newsdays have been thrown into the purely digital but our student reporters are still working on the beat to deliver you all the latest stories in and around Leeds !

Slack is a software that allows you to communicate through different channels
Our students will be using a variety of software such as Trello and Slack to replace the newsroom environment as they work from home.

13:52 Individual impacts of the lockdown

After the decision to close pubs, restaurants and leisure centers. It was only a matter of time until the United Kingdom went into lockdown. 

15:47 Schools are to remain open for children of key workers

With regulations happening so quickly, some teachers are struggling to adapt

15:46 Sales amongst housing agents have dropped amidst the pandemic

Without physical viewings, housing agents simple can’t do business

15:45 Leeds Karate club goes online amid Covid-19 pandemic

Many sports club are making the change to virtual teaching to help counter the effects of lockdown

15:44 Loneliness in the elderly on the rise during the pandemic

Many feel isolated without the proper know-how of social media

15:38 Students face uncertainty amid Covid-19 exam cancellations

Exams such as A-levels and GCSE’s have been canceled due to the virus

15:35 Lockdown in Leeds brings an increase in drug use

Many students locked in may become reliant on drugs to pass the time

15:18 Rugby league could make a drastic change in prioritizing events

Rugby league could now end up prioritizing events that make the most money thanks to the coronavirus.

14:52 Self-isolation is key to preventing the spread of Covid-19

“If you are somebody who has a choice you should not want to risk that and self-isolate for the sake of other people who are at high risk”

14:51 NHS to receive national applause for their efforts against the virus

Many people now with the extra free time are helping the NHS as they make calls for more volunteers.

A huge surge of volunteers has been drafted into the NHS resulting in the target of volunteers being increased from 250,000 to 750,000.

This is during a time where it is worried that the NHS may not be able to cope if the cases of viruses keep increasing at its current rate.

14:49 How do key workers feel working so close to the virus

Supermarket staff and plumbers/electricians are just some of the jobs considered key to fighting the virus

14:44 Independent businesses hit hard by Covid-19

Small businesses in Leeds are feeling the impacts first hand

14:42 How are primary school teachers coping with the virus

Many schools have had to close as a result of the pandemic and now some teachers are left with the task of getting their classes to adapt from the physical classroom to the virtual one.

14:31 Rugby players are annoyed that the game they love has been taken away from them

Charlotte and Nathaniel speak about how the coronavirus outbreak has affected their sporting careers.

14:29 Karate club making the change from physical fights to virtual webchats

With sports clubs across the world feeling the heat from the virus, some are turning to alternative means of training.

Lucy has been asking around to find out how Karate has adapted to the pandemic.

14:26 Grounding of flights and closing of borders have left many stranded

Over 8,000 cases and 400 deaths of Covid-19 have been confirmed in the UK to date.

14:24 Covid-19 making it difficult for homeless charities to effectively work

The Governments new social distancing rules mean that social workers must physically keep a distance of two meters

14:15 Estate agents hit hard by the virus

Thanks to the virus and all the counter-measures set up by the government it is impossible to get a house viewing.

Phillip has been finding out more about how estate agents have been losing business because of this.

14:05 Police checkpoints to be set up across Yorkshire

In an attempt to reduce the cases of the virus, police will now be creating checkpoints across the county with hopes of preventing all unnecessary travel.

13:50 Being a key worker during these trying times

Harry has been speaking to those working in supermarkets after the recent surge of shoppers has resulted in a massive call for new staff.

However working for these supermarkets during the pandemic means staff are at risk of infection.

13:31 Supermarket chain Asda to pay it’s staff extra wages

In support of all the new staff coming on board and their hard work within the crisis, Asda will pay its staff an extra week’s worth of wages.

13:17 Former Newcastle FC captain “keeping up morale” by ringing up lonely, elderly fans

As the UK Government has ordered people to stay indoors and avoid social gatherings, many older residents are struggling to stay positive.

In an attempt to help, Moncur will be checking in on season ticket holders saying “It’s very important for people to keep in touch and this is a great way to check supporters are keeping safe and happy,”

12:39 Worries of overburdening the NHS caused by surge of coronavirus cases in London

While many cities are yet to experience the full force of the pandemic, London has been struggling to deal with the rapidly rising number of cases.

12:37 Plenty of people have turned to social media to help them make the best of the lockdown

For some, it’s been difficult to stay positive during the crisis and for others passing the time is becoming a challenge while being constrained inside your homes.

Thanks to the internet we’ve seen an explosion of content all aimed to help us with distant-socialising while we all social-distance.

Struggle to cook? Don’t know what to cook? Well tune in with Jack Monroe to learn about how you can fully utilise your unwanted food and save money at the same time.

Who needs Art Attack when you’ve got the Art Club. Noel fielding has set up the show on Twitter to allow kids to get creative and submit their work for everyone to see!

And since we can’t visit the Leeds Museum, why not let it come to you. All sorts of old and funky artifacts will be shown off thanks to Emily Nelson, who will be presenting her own mini-history lessons!

12:20 Doctor’s and those at risk stress the importance of social distancing as cases of infection rise

There is a battle to ‘flatten the curve’ and help reduce the strain on NHS resources as the virus spread through the UK.

Doctor’s can’t emphasize any more how important these new restrictions on our lives are as Emily finds out more.

12:12 Increase in Russian warships around UK waters amidst pandemic

7 Russian warships are being monitored and shadowed by the UK Navy. While it’s an usually high number of ships, it’s been considered very much as ‘routine business’.

12:00 Many stranded as new regulations prevent people from returning to their home countries

Alvaro has been finding out more about canceled flights across Europe and how they’ve left people stuck with no way of getting home.

Many of these cancellations are due to a mixture of government policies and the airlines themselves choosing to ground flights to help prevent the spread of the virus.

11:52 Leeds Kirkgate Market still open for business

Supermarkets across Leeds and the nation are imposing strict regulations to help counter the spread of the virus.

Local markets such as Kirkgate are still open so if you want to avoid the panic buyers frenzy, try visiting your local independent retailers instead.

11:50 The science behind the 20-second wash

11:27 Rugby players fear they’ll fall behind physically due to the lockdown

Both international and local sporting events have had to be rescheduled or cancelled altogether because of the spread of Coronavirus.

James has been finding out more about how young players are managing to overcome the impacts of the lockdown on their exercise routines.

11:21 Reminder to wash your hands

20 seconds is the recommended time to wash your hands as it takes this long for the soap to effectively break apart the virus so it can be washed away.

11:15 Making the change to working from home

Many journalists have now had to leave the newsroom and work from their own homes. Journalists like Tom and Eliza are proving how this can be done swiftly with ease.

11:08 Use of recreational drugs increasing as the lockdown continues

10:55 The neglection of the homeless during the pandemic

Sam is finding out more about how the homeless feel vulnerable and exposed during the lockdown were because of social distancing, many are being ignored.

10:40 Many people self-isolating as a result of the Coronavirus

Self-isolation involves locking yourself away from outside contact for weeks in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

Ben has been finding out how these self-isolators are coping with everything that’s going on.

10:26 The student setup

Rachel has adapted from the newsroom with a setup that would make any journalist jealous.

Complete with fairy lights, a salt lamp and a well-being book she’s pushing the student aesthetic !

10:21 No more parking charges for NHS staff during the coronavirus pandemic

10:10 Good morning from Leeds Now

My name’s Jacob Lyon and I’m going to be your live reporter for today and i’ll be bringing you updates from all of today’s Leeds Now journalists.

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