Promising rugby player ‘annoyed’ breakout season has ended early due to virus outbreak.

Young rugby players are having to rethink their future in the sport as the season ends prematurely.

Following the RFU announcement that rugby at all levels in England is suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak, talented rugby players are annoyed that the game they love so much has been taken away from them.

Charlotte, 15, has been playing rugby since she was 8 years old and has captained her local team for two years. She has also participated for the NLD (Nottingham, Lincolnshire, and Derbyshire) county side for the last three years. This season she has starred for Newark Rugby Club, her local side, as well as being one of the most impressive players in the NLD team.

The openside flanker hopes that she can keep fit over the lockdown period and says that Newark have supported her by sending her training plans. However, the opposite has happened regarding the NLD team, Charlotte told me the message from them was “The season is over, well done for being selected.”

“I think that lots of girls might be turned away from the sport, especially in my team as I know a few were going to leave as we are stepping up to under 18’s rugby next season”, she added that “Some players will use this break as a bit of a kick up the bum to get stronger and train harder for the next season”.

A step up is also on the cards for another young rugby player. Nathaniel, who is 17, is in his final year of junior rugby and is worried that he will not be ready for the intensity of the adult game due to the suspension of the season.

Charlotte and Nathaniel speaking about how the coronavirus outbreak has affected their sporting careers.

The RFU have announced that they are offering £7million to help support rugby clubs in England during the time of their inactivity. This should help keep most clubs open and keep more young people playing the sport.

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