Stuck in another country: A tourist nightmare due to Covid-19

Tourists sit next to the coliseum in ItalyTourists sit next to the coliseum after their flights to Venice were cancelled due to COVID-19

Thousands of people are waiting to fly to their home countries as many close their borders

The Government’s new plan to fight the coronavirus has left many wondering if they can go home.

Over 8,000 cases and 400 deaths have been confirmed in the UK to date.

Fernando García, a Spanish biologist volunteering in Nepal was forced to return as “the European Union decided to repatriate us […] because they had closed air traffic in Nepal.”

Also, he “had tonsillitis and a bacterial infection so I had to avoid all the temperature controls at the airport.”

Others had to reroute their tours as cities in Italy, Iran, France and Spain closed consequently.

“We had a flight to Venice but because of the coronavirus, it was cancelled and we had to go to Rome,” said Mercedes Mila, a Spanish tourist.

“As soon as we arrived in Rome, some doctors were waiting for us […] they measured our temperature but I think it wasn’t very reliable.”

Travelling between cities has been restricted in the UK – unless special circumstances apply – but experts wonder if it’s enough to stop the spread.

The uncertainty of the Government’s action to fight the spread of the coronavirus has forced people to return to their home countries wondering if the next measures will affect flights.

“It feels like being Tom Hanks in the movie ‘The Terminal'” stated Sara Muñiz, a Spanish student at Lincoln University, as she waits to fly back in two weeks.

For now, Boris Johnson has instructed everyone to “stay at home unless strictly necessary”, but allowing people to leave their homes once a day.

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