A Day in the Life… in Isolation

Image of Hanover Square, Leeds.Would you just look at that view. Working at my desk has never been harder with views like this to distract me.

Read and listen along to hear about my daily isolation routine.

My day starts with a blurry-eyed me reaching out to turn off the alarm, which seems to go off every time my dream starts to get interesting.

I get dressed then it’s straight down to the kitchen to make the cups of tea for me and my girlfriend, Gemma. The day does not go well if you start without having a cup of tea.

After breakfast its exercise time. A quick jog around my local park usually does the trick but if I’m feeling more energetic I play football against the wall in my back yard. The wall always seems to win.

Its easy to lose track of time in isolation, so getting going with the day’s activities straightaway is essential. As with most things, I save the best until last, so I get through the day’s workload, reading and writing for university assignments, before undertaking various activities.

Practising the guitar has always been a fun pastime of mine so that has not been affected by isolation.

Keeping in touch with friends and family has been surprisingly easy, thanks to House Party, a video-chatroom app that lets you drop in on your friends and have a quick chat or play games such as charades and Pictionary.

The wonders of the internet allow me to play PlayStation with my friends. GTA and Call Of Duty are the favourites but sometimes playing board and card games with my housemates is just as fun.

After dinner its time for a film with the rest of my housemates, before heading off to bed and doing it all over again the next day.

About the Author

Sam Wilkinson
Second-year journalism student at Leeds Beckett University

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