Come shopping with me: pandemic edition

boots virtual queue page displayed on a laptopAs more shoppers turn to online stores, many sites have implemented virtual queues.

After isolating for seven days, going back outside was a strange experience.

When I realised I had no milk for my morning coffee, I decided I could no longer put off the dreaded Aldi shop. I have been self isolating, but since recovering, I was yet to got to a supermarket, instead, surviving on what I already had in the cupboards and freezer.

On arriving, I was surprised to see a queue outside the door, this was to ensure there were only a maximum of 60 people in the shop at one time. Everyone in the queue were spaced at least two metres from each other, ensuring that we were obeying the governments social distancing guidelines whilst the queuing system was managed by security staff.

The trip itself was not extremely successful but it was encouraging to see that people were observing the new social distancing guidelines.

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