Coronavirus isolation and helping those in need

A week in isolation has shown that in times of crisis, family is everything.

Today marks the end of the UK’s first week under partial lockdown, with uncertainty looming over how long this will last.

The government announced over the weekend that they expect the number of coronavirus deaths to increase significantly in the coming days. This is according to figures the Department of Health, who have said said that 1,228 people have already died in the UK from the virus.

These statistics show an increase of 209 in one day.

Britains elderly population are one of the groups most at risk, with government advice urging them to stay indoors for a period of 12 weeks. This places already vulnerable people at a disadvantage, unable to leave their homes for basic supplies.

Families are now having to take greater action when it comes to looking after vulnerable family members.

I have spent a lot time this week collecting prescriptions for my grandparents and shopping for them to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

NHS advice insists that those at high risk should “Ask friends, family or neighbours to pick up shopping and medicines…” and that this should be left outside of the front door to minimise physical interactions.

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