Losing the locks in lockdown: The hair trend sweeping our isolated nation

Blonde to pink hair with my thumbs up

Young people are avoiding isolation boredom by doing what they do best; making impulse changes to the way they look.

On Monday last week, the government announced that the country would be stepping up measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The measures have been loosely labeled a lockdown, requiring the nation to stay inside and avoid any unnecessary social contact.

These measures are scary and are on brand-new territory for most of the UK’s population and it’s taken a few pushes for the public to understand the importance of staying at home. Online school, YouTube P.E classes and follow-along recipes have been entertaining a nation desperate to be outside, but what about the generation who already live inside and online?

Gen-Z, the generation of the internet, virtual reality and constant online communication, would be expected to revel in these government changes: what better than the freedom to miss school and be online for all hours of the day?

Apparently, that freedom got boring quite fast. Young people across England have decided to become their own hairdressers, except with box dye, kitchen scissors, and their Dad’s razor, all in the name of “something to do”.

My own experience with box hair dye

Ellie Cox, student at the University of Leeds, made the decision to cut her own fringe after nearly a week of isolation at her parent’s house. She said: “I was bored and wanted to procrastinate uni work.”

Ryan Marchington shaved off his hair so he could make a Tik Tok video out of it

Ryan Marchington, 21, shaved his hair on the first day of isolation. He said: “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but was too scared. Now I don’t have to see anyone for ages so I thought why not.”

Joel Macdonald, 21, was concerned about when he’d next see his barber so said goodbye to the beard until after lockdown.

18-year-old Joe Morris shaved his head just one day into isolation because he was bored. He added: “I’d rather shave my head than trim the hedges with my Dad.”

The country is only one week into government requested isolation and uncertainty as to when life will return to normal is constantly growing. Whenever that day may be, expect to see some new do’s stepping out the door.

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