My time in lockdown

I’ve been spending my time in lockdown picking up new hobbies, as well as old ones.

Before the lockdown began, I traveled back home from University to be with my family because it was inevitable that the lockdown was coming.

Then when Boris Johnson announced a week ago that the UK was going into lockdown, I, along with many others started worrying about how I was going to spend my time during the three weeks.

Whilst I’ve picked up my old hobbies; reading and drawing, I’ve spent my time helping my parents gardening and I’ve started running.

Great minds think alike on the gardening front, as the gardening store Thompson and Morgan announced on their Instagram account that they were to stop new orders as there was a high demand for gardening equipment and they couldn’t keep up.

I’m not the only person that’s started running either. A poll I ran on Twitter showed that out of 65 people, 31 have begun running as well.

I downloaded a couple of apps to help me with the running, and my parents have had an endless list of jobs for me in the garden but I’ve been really enjoying using my spare time doing these things, and I aim to carry on when the lockdown is over.

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