New hobbies being used to fill free time

Picture of a road with a sign telling people to stay homeElectric road signs reminds people of the importance of staying home.

With the Government placing the country in lockdown due to Cornavirus it has lead to many needing to fill their time.

Around the country, thousands are starting new hobbies. From painting to gardening, the recent lockdown has allowed many to start a new passion.

I myself, have found that I’m trying not to lose my mind by being with my family every day for the next two weeks. I’ve started doing activities that I use to see as chores, like reading and walking. I’ve found that they are now my escape in these trying times. 

A picture of the beach, with waves crashing.
For many walking has become a new hobby to help them exercise.

Recently, I have started walking for an hour a day. From walking along my local beach to walking around my local town. I normally see walking as just a way to get from place to place, but with not many people out I now find it very relaxing. 

A picture of a junction that is very quite with not many cars on the road.
The usually very busy junction is eerily quiet after the Government announced that the country would be going into lockdown. 

I have also started to read more, starting with a book that I never finished. Reading again has helped me see how much I enjoy it and how much reading regularly keeps my dyslexia at bay. 

A picture of the book 'becoming' by Michelle Obama
Reading has become a new hobby for many who previously didn’t read.

One hobby that I’ve started since the lockdown is baking. I’ve been trying out different recipes from banana bread to a lemon drizzle cake. My Nan has trusted me in using her sacred Marguerite Patten ‘Cookery in Colour’ book, that she swears by. 

A picture of a recipe book, showing recipes for buns and scones
With so much free time on peoples hands, it’s lead to many finding a new passion.
a cake mix in a tin, that has yet to be baked
Baking has become a new hobby for many.

Of course, another hobby I’ve been doing is studying. With all this new free time, it’s allowed me to focus on my studies to make sure that I get the best grades I can. 

A picture of notebooks, pens and a laptop to show studying
For many students, the lockdown has allowed them more time to study.

However, others are finding it difficult to find new hobbies during these trying times, such as Alycia Bell who has found comfort in a new streaming service.  

“I keep trying to work, trying to complete my university work. But Disney Plus is the saviour in my family at the moment, we’re just watching re-runs of Disney films”

A picture of the new streaming service Disney Plus
With the new release of Disney Plus, people are using their time to watch as many Disney productions as they can.

Although many have taken up new hobbies, there are questions as to whether people will stick with them once life gets back to normal. People might not have the time to keep up with all their newfound hobbies but maybe they’ll take some time out to focus on themselves. 

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