Staying fit and active during self-isolation

Woman sat on a white bicycleBike riding is a safe and easy way to get your daily exercise whilst staying safe.

Staying fit and active during self-isolation is crucial to keeping your mind and body healthy.

With the UK currently following the governments guidelines to self-isolate, keeping active is proving difficult for some.

However, it is still possible to keep fit and active  whilst following the government advice by staying 2 meters apart and washing your hands as soon as you get home.

As a regular gym user, its closure really affected me. I often go to the gym to clear my mind and keep active. Despite this I decided to create my own ways of keeping fit. I created a home Gym which includes, a yoga mat, dumbbells, resistance bands and a weighted ball. I also invested in a bike which I ride around the local park whilst socially distancing.

Although, I find it challenging it can be a lot more difficult for those who are professional atheletes and need to keep fit and active as part of their career.

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