Staying healthy in lockdown

girl doing yogaWhat steps are you taking to stay healthy amid COVID-19?

Many people are finding it difficult to stay healthy whilst in lockdown.

With the rapidly changing circumstances of the Coronavirus, it has made a lot of people feel out of control. Routines have been destroyed and life is not as we know it.

Worldometer has announced that there are now 22,141 confirmed cases in the UK. With experts unsure as to how fast these figures will lower, the length of our lockdown is uncertain.

These are the things I am doing — along with social distancing and washing my hands — to protect my health and wellbeing and gain back my control, whilst in lockdown.

Keeping to a daily routine

Going to bed at a reasonable time, getting 8 hours sleep, waking up and having a shower, getting dressed and going down for breakfast. These are all things that make you feel somewhat normal in these unprecedented, far from normal times.

Staying hydrated and eating well

Staying hydrated is essential in regulating our body temperature and maintaining bodily functions. According to the NHS, a high temperature is one of the main symptoms of the virus, so keeping hydrated is even more important than usual.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for our waistlines) restaurants, pubs and some takeaways are closed. But this means we can now put more effort into making our own healthy, home-cooked meals.

Cooking can also be a great lockdown hobby if you find yourself at a loose end (which I’m sure you will).

Socially interacting

Although I don’t always feel lucky (this happens when you’re in a house with someone 24/7), I am lucky enough to be in lockdown with my mum and her partner. Because this means I can socially interact whenever I like.

But I also recommend video chatting and playing games with friends. It’s keeping me sane and again retaining that sense of normality.

Exercising and keeping active

Exercise releases a chemical in the body called serotonin. This makes us feel good. The thought of Coronavirus does the opposite, which is, therefore, a great reason for us to keep active.

The World Health Organisation recommends that you should do moderate movement for 30 minutes a day. And there is no reason why we cannot still achieve the recommended 30 minutes!

The government have limited us to one form of exercise a day (outside of our household), gyms are closed and team sports are a no-go… but there are plenty of exercises you can do by yourself and in the comfort of your own home/garden.

I am tending to stick to body-weight circuits, walking, running and yoga. Youtube and Instagram can be great for ideas too.

Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy!

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  1. Johanna Weatherley | 30 March 2020 at 17:51 | Reply

    This is brilliant Molly
    Very informative with safe tried and tested facts and great tips.Love the exercise vid.

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