10 things to do during isolation: A guide to conquer boredom

One way to relax, get some fresh air.Crosby Beach, a great place to go on your daily walk, get some fresh air and reflect.

The whole nation is currently following the government’s guidelines to self-isolate, with a large number of people taking on new activities to try and pass the time. However, for many people, isolation is proving more difficult than first thought.

Keeping busy is important for our mental wellbeing, and finding new hobbies that keep us away from staring at a screen all day is important.

I spoke to Eleanor Willard, a Senior Lecturer of Psychology at Leeds Beckett. She gave some guidance on what she does to keep herself occupied:

“Connect with others – we all need it – Write a card or letter to a loved one (even if they are in the same household) and post it on your daily walk. Don’t tell them it’s on its way… it spoils the surprise”

Here are a few activities that anyone can give a go, to keep themselves busy, happy and in control (even when it feels like Covid-19 is taking over our lives).

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Rachel Johnston
Rachel Johnston, a Second year Journalism student at Leeds Beckett.

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