Being productive during the lockdown

Editing equipment used by a student journalistJournalism students have decided to keep working during the COVID-19 pandemic

Laziness is a go-to during quarantine, but focusing on our jobs and education is the best way to stay productive.

The compulsory lockdown announced by Boris Johnson last week has lead to an increase in online work and studying.

Student journalists at Leeds Beckett University have decided to keep working on their online broadcast journals as instructed by their teachers.

Their University has postponed all the hand-in dates – two weeks from the original date – to meet the students’ needs.

This week, they are doing a first-person piece on their own lockdown experience.

They’ve been given the freedom to do an audio package, a video package, a social video, an article or any creative format that will engage the audience.

About the Author

Alvaro Casas
Leeds Beckett University student journalist

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