Living on a farm during COVID-19

Animals are known to reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing in humans.

I used to view feeding the animals on my farm as a tedious job, but during Britain’s lockdown, it’s become a welcome piece of escapism.

We are now into our 10th day of official nationwide lockdown in Britain, and many people are feeling the effects of our state enforced isolation.

However, living on a farm has proved to be very beneficial and lucky for me and my family.

One part of my day that I now really enjoy is feeding and looking after the animals.

Visiting the animals breaks up my day and thus allows me to forget and escape how serious the COVID-19 pandemic has become.

It is a well-known fact that animals boost mental wellbeing. This is supported by evidence from which found that 82% of pet owners said that they felt less lonely after getting an animal.

So, if you’re feeling the effects of social distancing, go and find your pet and give them a hug.

About the Author

Sam Teesdale
I am a second year university student at Leeds Beckett .

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