Locking my phone away during lockdown

I banned myself from my iPhone for 24 hours during Covid-19 lockdown

One thing I began to notice very early on during my time in isolation was the amount of time I was spending mindlessly scrolling on my phone.

My eyes felt tired and heavy, I wasn’t doing anything productive, which was making me feel guilty and stressed.

After doing some research it became apparent to me that I was not alone in the way I was feeling. A survey conducted by Code Computer Love found that a large number of people find it hard to de-stress and relax when they have their phones nearby.

Research has also shown that the average user checks their phone 58 times a day, around 30 of these are during working hours.


I decided to ‘digital detox’ and delete all but necessary apps on my phone for 24 hours, only using the camera to document the various things I got up to.

I created a short video documenting what I got up to during this time and how it affected me.


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