My Life in Lockdown

Lockdown with the family

Coronavirus continues to spread across the world, affecting our daily lives. It is estimated that a quarter of the world’s population is in some sort of Lockdown. That is almost 3 billion people worldwide staying indoors.

The United Kingdom has been in Lockdown for 11 days, and people across the country are finding new ways to cope under these new restrictions.

Whether it is taking up a new hobby; exercising more or going out on daily walks. We are all adjusting to our new lives.

Here is my typical day in lockdown.

The most up to date statistics on the UK Government website, show’s there have been 29,474 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and sadly there have been 2,921 Deaths.

Worldwide the figure is nearing 1 million cases. There have been 955,412 confirmed cases and 48,579 reported deaths from the virus.

Coronavirus in the UK is expected to hit its peak mid-April. The Country is bracing itself for Months under these new restrictions.

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