Obsessive recording during a lockdown

Picture of my guitar and pedalboard.

When people ask me what I did during the lockdown of 2020, I will openly say that I binge-watched TV and spent a lot of time in bed, but also finally found time to do a hobby that I love.

While recording has been a nice change to scrolling through my phone or staring at walls, the manic perfectionist in me has come out as it usually does when music is involved. By spending multiple hours in my room working away at music on Garageband, I have almost forced myself into a lockdown of my own.

With COVID-19 not even hitting its peak in the UK, as of Thursday 2nd April, it’s likely I’m going to come out the lockdown with a full discography. However, I may need to actually leave my room at some point soon in order to go outside and get some well-needed vitamin D.

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