Returning to music during the Covid-19 lockdown

Close up on piano keys.

With staying in your home being an instrumental part of tackling the coronavirus pandemic, myself and others have turned to instruments to get us through it.

An acoustic and an electric guitar in front of a piano
Ukuleles have been popular with beginners.

I’ve been playing piano and guitar since the age of 12, but I haven’t properly practised since coming to university.

While the UK lockdown has taken away many of the things I enjoy doing, it has provided me with the time to get back into playing music.

Many people have been buying musical instruments in the hopes to learn them during the lockdown.

Two days before non-essential shops closed in the UK, I spoke to a shopkeeper in a music store that they’d had their busiest week all year.

While I’m enjoying the time I get to practice music again, I think I’m with everyone else in hoping the pandemic ends soon and we can resume life with our normal freedoms.

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Kane Daly
Journalist for Leeds Hacks

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