Pizzeria vs Pandemic

Pizza restaurantIl Capitano's, an Independent Pizzeria who have opened back up for business recently.

The country is on lockdown, which means no socialising, no shopping, no eating out and no sadly supporting your local, independent businesses.

As many of you may have noticed, independent businesses are on the rise. Many people are now trying to break away from large chains and brands, and spending their money where it will potentially make a difference.

“I went from the front of the house to the delivery driver!”

Il Capitanos, a wood fired pizzeria based in Waterloo, sadly had to close their doors for the foreseeable future last month. For a week or two deliveries and collection were still available to the public.

Jay Wilson, the owner of Il Capitano’s explained; “As soon as the PM said all restaurants must now operate as a takeaway, that’s what we did. I went from the front of the house to the delivery driver!”

However, the ongoing crisis forced the independent pizzeria to close shop completely.

“People’s health is far more important. Our Landlord has given us a 3 month break in rent, I’ve got a 3 month holiday on my mortgage and the government announced that small businesses will receive a £10,000 grant.”

After many weeks of closure, Il Capitano’s has very recently opened Friday and Saturday’s again.

“We haven’t received our grant like others have, so we are now operating a strict social distancing system for collection only.”

Il Capitano's, an independent business in Waterloo
The independent pizzeria located in Waterloo, Liverpool

Luckily, due to high demand, the popular small business has also opened Sunday’s too.

“Our customers have been amazing, they have been so supportive of us! I’ve had people leaving big tips for takeaways. I can see our community becoming stronger through this.” Wilson continued.

A massive sense of community has swept through nation in the past few weeks. Everyone is supporting each other, from clapping for the NHS together to helping neighbours with their grocery shops.

Anne Marshall, a local resident, explained how her street has created a WhatsApp group chat.

A road in Waterloo
A street in Liverpool, where the residents have created a Street WhatsApp group chat.

“The WhatsApp group chat was set up to keep the community alive, to see if anyone needs anything, or that everyone is ok.” Anne said, from a safe distance of 2 metres, waving at her neighbours as we spoke.

Independent liverpool, a site for independent artisans posted a picture to its 99k followers on Instagram, guiding them on how to help their local businesses during Covid19.

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It is important for everyone to stay safe, stay calm, and support one another.

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