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The archbishop of Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, St Andrew’s, Southwark and Westminster: it is not normally necessary to say Roman Catholic (as there is no Anglican equivalent). However, do say so when writing about the Roman Catholic bishop of Aberdeen, Argyll, Lancaster, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Shrewsbury (for all of which there are Anglican bishops). Unless obviously Roman Catholic from the context, say the Roman Catholic bishop of Brentwood, Clifton, Dunkeld, Galloway, Hexham and Newcastle, Leeds, Menevia, Middlesbrough, Motherwell, Northampton, Nottingham, Paisley and Salford.

A vicar is a cleric of the Anglican Church (which also has rectors and curates, etc), not of any other denomination.

Muslims consider Muhammad to be the last of God’s prophets, who delivered God’s final message. They recognise Moses and Jesus as prophets also. The above transliteration is our style for the prophet’s name and for most Muhammads living in Arab countries, though where someone’s preferred spelling is known we respect it, eg Mohamed Al Fayed. The spelling Mohammed (or variants) is considered archaic by
most British Muslims today. Be extremely sensitive about publishing any picture or illustration of the prophet Muhammad. Although the Qur’an (thus spelt) does not explicitly forbid the making of pictures or representations, many Muslims find the idea extremely problematic. Please
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