A city of acceptance

After moving to Leeds, the ability to be who you want to be has enabled one girl to be herself and let her fashion sense do the talking

By Katie Garrett

Leeds is a city full of culture and diversity, with people from different walks of life calling this their home. Walking through the city centre you can observe the variety of characters, and it makes you wonder, who are these people?

Aisha moved to the UK seven years ago to restart her life with her family. Originally born in Germany and then moving to Sweden in her early years, it is now Leeds that she calls her home.

Her unique and quirky fashion sense makes her stand out in the crowds on the street, yet she walks with such confidence, Aisha says: “I would describe my style as emo, goth and a lot of the music that I listen to, mostly rock and emo, influence my fashion choices.”

The city’s renowned music scene has a massive part to play in influencing fashion and music taste, having a large variety of venues dotted through the streets all over the city.

Her love for music is something that massively influences every aspect of her life, Aisha tells us: “One of my favourite things about the city has to be the music scene. Music is my passion. I study it in college and it is what has made me the confident person I am today.”

The badges pinned to her leather biker jacket showcase the bands she is inspired by, Aisha said: “Guns N Roses and ACDC are two of my favourite bands. In Leeds, Key club is my favourite venue to go to and listen to local bands that perform similar music and it’s also really nice to socialise with people who enjoy the same music scene.”

“Living in Leeds has made me so confident to be able to wear what I want because everyone is different yet so accepting.”

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